F.H. Kaysing Company of Wichita

United States Customs Brokerage


Dedicated to Compliance

We are a compliant oriented service dedicated in providing accurate and timely information on each entry to minimize the risk of fines, penalties and seizures for our clientele. Our ABI compliance rate on a national average is over 99%.

Traditional "Real-Time" Service

We would prefer our clientele to provide the proof of our traditional one-on-one service. We invite you to personally contact the companies that we represent to hear first hand about our dedicated "sunrise to sunset" response and support.

RLF (Remote Location Filing)

We have extensive experience in filing entries all over the nation to better centralize and control entry processing and compliance. F.H. Kaysing Co. of Wichita represents clientele for which we make entry on nearly every import across the country.

National Permit

This permit allows F.H. Kaysing of Wichita to file RLF entries and to represent importers on entries made by other brokers after acceptance of the entry summary.

Outport Broker Management, Entry Auditing and Post Entry Representation

We currently centralize and manage all brokers on a national level for several major manufactures and importers. This program greatly improves consistency and compliance with entry reporting and allows better control, flexibility and visibility to the importer without employing a full staff of subject matter experts and better managing the fewer brokers required in this program.

Digital Recordkeeping

We offer electronic record keeping (CD) which eliminates hard copy documents. This system is indexed and has OCR capabilities for searching, printing, and forwarding without leaving the computer. This saves time and labor in filing and retrieving files, the cost of storage utilities and facilities, and reduces the risk of document loss.



Research and Compliance Consulting

Record Keeping
Development of Internal Import Programs
Internal Import Program Audit
Special Treaties
Other Goverment Agencies(OGA)

Post Entry Amendments

Correcting non-compliant entries is an expected action of “reasonable care” mandated by Customs. Serious thought must be exercised into how to inform Customs of entry discrepancies. With our National Permit, we are able to represent and help importers who have had entries made by other brokers and are not satisfied with the broker’s entry, post entry action or inaction.


The regulations for Protests under 19 USC 1514 have been amended. Also “Clerical Errors, Mistakes of Fact” would be protestable under 1514;  19 USC 1520(c) has been deleted. F.H. Kaysing Co. of Wichita may help reverse negative customs decisions with this vehicle. 

Mitigation of Fines, Penalties, and Seizures

The F.H. Kaysing Co. of Wichita can help in the mitigation of the government’s reprimand of costly fines, penalties, and seizures. 

Customs Bonds

Continuous and single entry bonds are provided at fair market values.


Automated Commercial Enviorment (ACE)

Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)

National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America (NCBFAA)



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